Tuesday, May 31, 2005


photo from http://www.lost-tv.com

The show's premise is really simple: a plane breaks in half in mid-air, crashes on a Pacific Island, a thousand miles off course and we get to watch the stories of various survivors of the crash, the circumstances of them being there, how they came to be who they are and what they (used to) do.

Lesson #1: Never fly Oceanic Airlines. You won't anyway, it doesn't exist. But they do have a website. Why do they have a website for it if it doesn't exist? I think it's called hyperrealism. A kind of Blair Witch Project gimmick. I describe it as a piece of fiction that exists in the real world.

I thought it was hard to pull off such a thing as elaborating on the background of each and every major character (13 people) in the show. Well, I think it is hard, but they managed to do it anyway. Each episode features about one to two characters (names literally pulled out of a hat, says the writers) and ties them in with the big plane crash story.

To add some flavor to the show, it appears they landed on some sort of mystery tropical island with lots of secrets to uncover. In the first hour, the pilot was snatched by some mysterious force. Then they were attacked by a polar bear. Then when they managed to operate the radio picked up a transmission of a French woman saying that she has been transmitting that signal for 16 years.

I started watching this show mainly to see how the writers will write themselves out of this plot. It reminds me of the other JJ Abrams produced show, Alias. In one of the season ender cliffhangers, Sydney finds that she can't remember anything that happened in the last two years after she wakes up in the streets of Hong Kong. Eventually, I stopped caring.

The X-Files is a good example of how the writers (and the director Chris Carter) can't write themselves out of the story they've created. To find out what happened "in the end", read MSN's Best and Worst TV finales.

As for "Lost", I like the show so far, and I watch every episode just to see how things turn out.

They will show its 12th episode this Thursday, June 2. This was originally aired last January 5 in the US.

AXN-Asia broadcasts "Lost" every Thursday, 9:00 PM Manila Time.

Movies to watch out for

This is from today's Viewfinder column by Nestor Torre,

June 15, "Batman Begins." The Batmobile has had a makeover, plus other innovations make this production an attractive viewing proposition.

June 22, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Sam Rockwell based his portrayal of the two-headed president of the galaxy (one head is usually hidden) on three models: Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury and Bill Clinton!

July 20, "The Island." While Puma tennis shoes should spike in popularity after audiences see that's what Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johanssen and thousands of other workers are wearing in the film's mysterious facility.

July 27, "Stealth." When a picture of the Talon (a fighter plane invented for the film) was circulated online, the Navy received many calls asking about the "new" aircraft!

Aug. 3, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." The candy-making squirrels in Willy Wonka's factory are real squirrels, trained from birth to act on cue.

Of course there's also War of the Worlds, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Nov 2005), X-Men 3 (May 2006), Da Vinci Code (May 2006), and other blockbusters. Find out more in ComingSoon.net

Monday, May 30, 2005


Found what I was looking for

The description on the site says "A series of drawings from an isometric perspective, in the style of a computer game. The subject of each drawing is the image, or images, that created a popular cultural event. Historical events (like the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Lorraine Motel) are used interchangeably with fictionalized events (like the picnic scene from The Sound of Music)."

Check it out!

I am quite fascinated with pixel or isometric art. I hope to do a complex one.

Like eBoy

Nobody. Beats. D-Wade.

MIAMI up 2-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals. Wade 36 pts.

Converse ICON Warrior. You morons! Sell the shoes here now!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Amazon.com Wishlist

I haven't figured out Froogle's shopping list but take a peek into my Amazon Wishlist. Sealab DVDs, Complete Far Side, Decalogue...

An Inquiry Into the Life and Times of Teridon

An Inquiry Into the Life and Times of Teridon

So much fire in his words. Keep the fight alive, Terry! Gimik ulit.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith

Raining again. Lovely, lovely rain...

Finally watched Episode 3 in the new Greenhills Promenade Cinema. It was cold inside the theatre but still not as cold as in the office.

About the movie...

Liked the effects, like some concepts, liked Ewan McGregor's acting. HATED the dialogue, hated Hayden Christensen, hated the still unanswered questions.

Is it worth watching? Of course! No matter how painful, it still completes the prequel trilogy and ties-in with Episode 4: A New Hope. And as people say, at least we know the next episodes are a lot better.

Next week, we hope to watch Sin City. Yeah, I know of the DVDs being sold but I'd rather watch it in the cinema.

Friday, May 27, 2005

The Shaq Problem

Want Wade to win, but not Shaq.

Liked Magic with Shaq and Penny.

Liked Lakers with Shaq and Kobe (and Phil).

Liked Lakers with Shaq, Kobe, Karl and Gary (and Phil).

Want Lakers to win but not with only Kobe.

I'm going with Cavs and Lebron.

Looking for blog designs...

While I am a fan of minimalist web design, I find this Blogger template boringly plain. So I'm going to look for design inspirations from CSS Zen Garden. You can too!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Company Outing in Montemar Beach Club

White Team in Montemar
Back Row: Lory, Carlo, Rose (hidden), Gay, Lee Anne, Jimelle, Rizj, Ryan, Zaldy, Jun, Jonas, Marjay
Front Row: Me and Florvs
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