Sunday, March 26, 2006

Powerbooks Warehouse Sale and Sauna

Powerbooks is having a warehouse sale in Brixton St. in Barrio Kapitolyo in Pasig. The selection is fairly good but it was as hot as hell in that warehouse (the common complaint). The books are at least 20% off (even more for stickered copies, up to 70% or a specific price). For example, their Harry Potter 6 hardbound sells for P499.00. Yesterday, I got a copy of Frank Miller's Sin City: Family Values for 400-something pesos, but it was as hot as hell in that warehouse. If you have a book in mind that you want to buy at a discounted price, there's not really a good chance that you may find it. But you might as well take a look. Did I mention that it was as hot as hell in that warehouse? At least the children's section and the cashiers are in airconditioned rooms.

You can try to park inside the warehouse itself if there's space available or you can park outside in the streets. They say that new bargains are coming in everyday so for book lovers, it's time to get lucky. You can pay in cash or credit card.

Friday, March 24, 2006

There's a Sonya's Garden she hides.

Originally uploaded by ton2fig.
It's time for Amateur Photography! (also known as "tinkering with the macro setting").

So have a look at our little trip to Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay. Check out the salad and pasta that they served us. Mmm-mm!

Didn't have time to look up the scientific names of these flowers. So if you want to name the flowers, knock yourself out with Flickr's note or comment feature. I'd appreciate it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Absolutely no Shame in 3rd. And Three? It's the magic number.

So that was the end of our team's basketball season. Having a total record of 3-4 but winning in the battle for 3rd place, it was a fine ending. I was disappointed, though, that only seven of us were able to play on this last game. At least it meant, more Gatorade for those of us who showed up. Unsurprisingly, I scored eight points in this last game. We zoomed to an early lead at the start. They slowly climbed back in the 4th quarter. Under two minutes left, it could have been anybody's game. My missed free throws almost cost the game, but I redeemed myself right after by cleanly stealing the ball on the other end. Two more free throws from our team sealed the five-point victory.

Lots of lessons learned, of course. First is the fact that I'm past the prime of my basketball life. The kids are taking over. Second, I still suck at making free throws. I made none this season, out of around 7 or 8 attempts. A little digression first. When I was in grade 5 or 6, I was one of the most accurate free-throw shooters in my class. It was enough to split a 100 peso second prize in one of our school family days. Getting back to the discussion, I also learned that I can't run around for more than 10 minutes tops. To add to that, I'm slow to get back on transition defense. I mean, if I was coaching the team from the bench and I saw myself play that kind of defense, I'd bench my lazy ass. Third, and very appropriate, is that I still have a decent 3-pt shot. I wouldn't say I'm a deadshot and that it's accurate. It's more of the fact that I'm confident enough to know that I can drill it from that range. Last is the sad fact that I haven't grown any taller since more than a decade ago. But then, I really can't do anything about that.


I was coach-for-hire again for another women's team who actually had their own offensive playbook. I didn't really do much coaching, just a bit of cheering and motivating, really. The girls won third place too, and I think they had a lot of fun playing. Which is what's really important in these sportsfest games. To the girls of that team, if I had any part in making you believe more that you could win, then it's a job well done for me. Naks, drama!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

DSL: Do Stay up Late. Won't somebody think of the children?!

Much like when I discovered Civilization I, II, Alpha Centauri,
SimCity4 and The Sims, I was again tempted to stay up until the wee
hours of the morning with my new toy, an ADSL connection.

Brief background on Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. Generally,
ADSL connections have more bandwidth for downloads as compared to
uploads. It still runs through existing phone lines but using
different frequencies. And of course, you need an ADSL modem for that.

So this is PLDT Plan 999 Unlimited. And it's mine, all mine! Even the bill! :P

First thing of course is dealing with some unfinished business like
uploading the rest of the pictures from my Hong Kong trip. It's all in
flickr, 600+ shots. Not all of them good, though, but it's worth
taking anyway.

Next is playing around with Google Earth, swooping over cities and landmasses.

Software updates galore of course. I hope I don't get bored early with
having ADSL.

My mom, of course, appreciates the fact that it doesn't tie up the phone lines.


Funny thread going on in our Ateneo high school class mailing list.
Here's the gist of it:

T: Hi guys, sorry for telling everyone this late, but I got married
already and my wife is expecting.

Everybody: Congrats!...

D: Anybody else?

N: Me too, we're expecting a baby. But we haven't gotten married yet.

Everybody: Congrats!

C: I'm pregnant!

Everybody: :|

What can I say, it's certainly a very pro-life group of people.

So there, congratulations to Terry & Isabel, Nicol & Ange, Pao & Frankie!

To paraphrase Nicol, they're not bhoys anymore, they're men anymore!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

H for Handouts

Can you believe this? I'm 26 years old, blood pressure of 140/90, almost five years out of school and into professional life and yet I just received a thousand pesos from one of my tita's from the U.S. ala aguinaldo galing sa ninang. It's quite embarrassing really but then I refused at first. Anyway, she wanted to give me something so I had to reluctantly accept it.

I probably am contradicting myself regarding receiving freebies and money from relatives. Right before my Hong Kong trip, I talked about almost getting some pocket money from my grandfather. The difference of course is that I don't really need money right now. To confuse you even further, I actually do really need some money right now.

Assuming you didn't click-away to other webpages because of my nonsensical ramblings, what I really wanted to say was this. You lose some amount of pride when somebody gives you money, even as a gift, especially if you didn't ask for it, or didn't expect it. Some people my age already have their own families, living on their own, paying for their housing loans, putting their kids to school. Here I am, still living the single life, quite uncertain of a lot of things (hence the blog title), living in times of uncertainty. Currently burning out from work (which I dare not discuss in this blog. Some other time, I promise), and health may be declining. Money may be the least of my problems.


V for Vendetta

Watched V for Vendetta this weekend at Greenbelt 3. As with most comic book adaptations, the comic books have much more intricate details in the story and are rarely as simplistic as their 2-hour screen counterparts. This movie is no exception. For those who liked the film, go pick up the 900-something peso copy. Or you can borrow a copy from me, as long as you promise to put plastic cover on it :P It's getting pretty respectable reviews and rating so far (around 60-70% from Rottentomatoes). I think the reason and the message of the movie is much more socially relevant today all over the world. "Those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither." I hope I got the quote right. Anyway, I'm quite surprised it hasn't received much attention especially in it's admittedly terroristic methods of dealing with oppression. It isn't a black and white issue, apparently, in a Fight Club sort of way. But go read the comic book. It's much richer.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Somewhere between 26 and Death, and the Week in Review

Just had our annual medical check-up this past weekend. The biggest (non-)news is my alarming high-blood pressure, 140/90 (I think). Of course, a lot of factors contribute to high-blood pressure such as, work-related stress, excitement, eating fatty foods, lack of exercise, and coaching women's basketball teams (hehe, just kidding :P). So, this health thing is actually getting real. Anyway, I plan to eat healthier, exercise a lot more, and loosen up on work, whenever I can. Also more fat-free products as well as fruits and vegetables. It has to be a conscious effort, but I won't let it dictate my life yet. I should get a check up in a few weeks to see if I make progress, and also to see if I need to take medication.

Gettin' old, man. I'm gettin' old.


I got talked into buying a new pair of glasses on the same day as the check-up. It's been a while since I last replaced my glasses (maybe two years or so). The doctor said that my eyesight got rid of some astigmatism and that my current lenses are too corrective for me now. Oh well, another unplanned purchase. I'm getting the new pair on Tuesday.



Well, my team officially sucks enough to battle for third place in two weeks. Five games already and I haven't scored in double figures yet. On a lighter note, I have a streak of shooting at least one 3-pt shot per game going. Not that it actually matters. I was actually a lot more fit last year because of all the exercise I did.

I'm also coaching the women's team (of another team actually) in basketball. It feels like playing chess; No, actually, it feels like playing Command and Conquer. You put the pieces where you want them and have them duke it out on their own. Plus, I get to say all the coaching stuff that I want that not even I could follow all the time. No butt-slapping allowed, though.

So the girls are in the championship game to be played in two weeks' time. They're up against some stiff competition. It's easier to tell guys not to get too emotional about the game. But girls? Who knows?


We've finally had it with PLDT Vibe, so we're going to have DSL soon. Maybe it's time to buy that 120 GB hard drive. But I should bop myself in the head after writing that. I'm a bit short on money these days. Well, not really, but I mean short on money that I can spend. I'm still paying for my car, my camera, my phone usage, and now this DSL. Why doesn't money grow on trees?


It's so damn hot these days and nights. Must...resist...turning on...aircon...


I hope to write updates more often. Maybe blogging lowers blood pressure.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

LOST, Flickr, La Niña, and rants galore.

I've written about this before. And I say again, if you're a serious LOST fan waiting for AXN-Asia to air Season 2 of the hit TV show, LOST, the wait is over.

Tomorrow, Monday, they'll show the 2-hour season premiere in which the answers themselves raise more questions. The episode is very nicely done, and the score is good. Watch it, damn you!


So what else's been happening? Well, I still feel vindicated about pushing that Puerto Galera trip last weekend, when the situation in the Metro got a bit edgy, but the weather stayed perfect. On the other hand, had we pursued with plan B (doing it over this weekend), I'm afraid we could have encountered a little La Niña. Again, you can have a look at our little vacation.

I've also been given a sponsored Flickr pro account. Unfortunately, I couldn't find time to upload days 2 and 3 of my Hong Kong trip, which included the outskirts (hehe) of Disneyland Hong Kong.

My mom says, I can travel wherever and whenever I want to, and that it's just a matter of priorities. She's absolutely correct. If I don't care about rainy days, I might as well splurge. But at my age, rainy days are as important as tomorrow's meal.


Again, I've been very-very busy in and out of work. I've also been reaching out to friends and making an effort. I haven't seen some of them in months, even years. You just don't know when you'll need them, and vice-versa. I have a feeling that one day, I'll be missing each and every one of them a lot, but then that's another story and maybe another post. Summer outing, gimik or drinking session anyone? Anything but this year's Live AIDS. Drei, I'll give you the Good Will Hunting treatment. It's not your fault. It's not your fault. It's not your fault...

Beach tip: Get one of those foldable beach banigs for P99.00 in Watson's.


PLDT Vibe officially sucks. It dials but doesn't connect. If it connects, there's a chance it might disconnect you. What sort of amateur ISP are these clowns running? If you want a reliable dial-up connection, you might as well go prepaid. It's been one year. Though it has saved me some cash, I spent a lot of grief. I don't know if it's worth it. Probably not.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Puerto Galera MMS Outing Feb 25-26, 2006 - a photoset on Flickr

Puerto Galera MMS Outing Feb 25-26, 2006 - a photoset on Flickr

So here it is, in it's entirety. Presenting to you, our Puerto Galera Trip in pictures.

Thanks to Noel for the flickr pro sponsorship! And Shelley for the other camera, and the temporary storage!