Sunday, April 20, 2008

For Their Viewing Pleasure

SMS from mom:

Nanonood na ng tv si papa. Ganda! Diniliver 30 mins ago. Salamat ulit. Love you!

I did make mention before about buying some things for my parents. No real occasion, but maybe it'll cover the birthday gifts I've failed (and will fail) to give on their birthdays and gift-giving holidays.

For my mom, I bought a brand new Canon Powershot A470 to replace the handed-down Canon IXUS something-something (2.0 megapixel ancient artifact bought in 2001) that I gave her a couple of years back. Of course all good things come with a price:

Mama (4/17/2008 7:52:02 AM): okay. nagamit ko na yung camera dun sa first meeting namin sa reunion. sa ganda ng camera ko, ako ang pinagdadala ng camera sa reunion. ano sila sinuswerte. gawin daw ba akong photograher

For my dad (and the house), I got a good deal on a 32" Panasonic LCD TV from Best Denki. This was part of the IT Show last March. When I went back in Manila last March, true enough, the TV costs a lot more over there even with the shipping and handling I had to pay for to send the TV home from Singapore. I'd say I saved just under 20,000 pesos for that thing. So it was a good feeling.

Should be nice to see them enjoy the TV when I come home on Saturday. I just hope they don't forget to stop watching it to pick me up from the airport.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Quick Bits for April

This morning I changed my normal breakfast of $2 Sausage McMuffin and bottled water to try out the newly-introduced-in-Singapore McGriddle sandwich. Needless to say, that was the first and last time I'll ever eat that piece of synthetic rubbish. Dreadful.


Once again, I have missed the opportunity of watching some excellent films in the Singapore Film Fest. One of our own, 'Tirador', has even won some awards from it. That just made me feel a lot sorrier for not getting to watch any of the films.

There aren't a lot of nice movies being shown in theatres. I'm really looking forward to The Dark Knight, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Indiana Jones. Anything else I'm missing?


In the NBA, two of the three teams I'm rooting for are in the playoffs. Real tough luck to the Golden State Warriors, who couldn't squeeze in even with 48 wins in the ultra-competitive Western Conference.

So best of luck to the soaring Lakers and the "asa pa" Cleveland Cavaliers.

Playoffs start this weekend!


I've finally sold out and registered in Facebook. Who knows for what reason?


Don't you hate it when someone tells you that they've got a story to tell you ... but not now.


I'll be back in Manila on April 26-28. I don't think I'll have time to meet people. So I'll just see you when I see you.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What do 96-year old nuns do in their spare time?

Why, they make bread shaped like pigs, of course.

In my short trip to Manila last weekend, Sister Rufina, lovingly known to the family as Lola Madre stopped by the house to give me these. She claimed to have made these. No, actually she claimed to have raised these in the convent. At least her sense of humor lasted longer than her sense of hearing, that's gotta count for something. Also she still has her original set of teeth (not complete, though). And something else that counts is the fact that she is 96 years of age and still traveling to and from the convent, which sits in N. Domingo, in San Juan. I had not realized that she is that old. She's one of those persons who's always been there.

She's the third, I think, of five siblings. The eldest, Lola Piring (aka Lola Champion, because of all the Champion cigarettes she puffed) would have been a hundred this year, had she not succumbed to lung cancer (natch) in 1992. The second, Lola Lucing (aka Lola Banana, from all the bananas she brought from General Santos) was the first to go in 1990. Lola Canding went in 2004. Grampa (Lolo Dioning), the youngest, is still there of course, though all alone in Bulacan, at one point an American citizen overstaying in the Philippines (he might have gotten dual citizenship already, but I'm not sure).

So every now and then, Lola Madre shows up at the house hollering for her apo. I meet her downstairs and she gives me something to give to my "girlfriend" (a concept that stuck after all these years), also reminding me to take it back if "we" broke up. I don't bother to correct her anymore, after years of trying. Otherwise, we might just go back to pre-girlfriend stage of me on the way to becoming a priest. Anyway, she gave different things every time, whether a rosary, a handkerchief, or a hand-me-down gift. This time it's them bread things that she might have gotten from somewhere. She could've made it herself, who knows.

But, wow, 96 years old, and still going. Wala kayo sa lola ko!