Sunday, February 26, 2006

Puerto Galera!

With all of these things happening around the metro, we thought we'd have our Puerto Galera outing cancelled or postponed. Of course, I was one of those who vehemently objected to having it held at a later date other than Feb 25-26. We had planned this early in January. I had also been eagerly waiting that long.

To make the long story short, the original count dwindled down to just eight people from around eleven. So, no problem. The trip was excellent. We got to beach hop, snorkel, take pictures underwater (!!!), have a taste of Mindoro Sling, and have henna tattoos drawn on us. I'd love to post the pictures in flickr, but then I'm trying to find a way to pay through credit card (since the drop down box of the country for the billing address doesn't include Philippines) to get a pro account. Little help, anyone, anyone?

I'm so excited to upload pictures like these:

Thanks to the group for still continuing on the vacation despite the situation. Thanks to Shelley, Lory, Darius, Lara, Toberts, MJ and Marjay! That was a good one!
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